Potential apartment hunting…

I shouldn’t really get my hopes up too much. However, I found some affordable lovely little apartments that would be within our budget (considering we were both working full time at decent jobs etc etc). Port Melbourne looks so amazing. Most of the apartments were less than 200m away from the beach with really good connections to inner city. They were just perfect, I think i’m in love… 

I’m hoping this will be possible in two years, maybe. But, I will never be able to get a proper working visa (a working holiday would not provide me with the correct funds) unless he proposes, of which I doubt that will happen any time in the next two years anyway (and still it would could $7000 to acquire a marriage visa, of which HAS to be used within 9 months or receiving said visa.)

I wish there was a much easier way. I do not belong to a desired profession (as required by the Aus Govt for a normal working visa) aka Doctor/medically people/engineers/everyone that’s not me. 

I also do not have a degree therefore would struggle to find work in my desired area. 

Oh well, I can dream!

Distance is taking its toll on the relationship, I feel. It’s heartbreaking. But looking at apartments and looking forward to those futurey things helps me get through it. 

Onwards with the job search! I need to find the funds to be able to visit November onwards. Such a shame. There’s a job at the zoo, for working with Visitors based around the Panda enclosure. It shall be mine. I love pandas…


I miss him to the point where my sanity is no more.

I am unhappy.

I feel like a burden.

I just want to have a sense of peace.

I am in a constant battle with myself, nobody really knows.


my journey in less than 8 hours… 

Did I mention I was nervous yet…



And that was the last time I saw him on screen (Skype), it’s so weird to think that right now…

Even though he was just a series of pixels and muffled noise.

This time tomorrow i’ll be travelling down by bus. He’ll be on his last stop over and preparing for the next flight. 


And so the distance shall be closed for three months, at least.



Tomorrow Tomorrowwww.

Heading to London tomorrow night. 


9 days…

and 17 hours or something. There about anyway..

Wait…whut? :O

No way..



14 Days…

Where did the time go…


So yeah…

3 weeks today I will be travelling to London. By bus. For near enough 9 hours. ( Doesn’t that scream absolute AMAZINGNESS -.- ) HOWEVER…at the end of the rainbow* is a pot of gold! 

I will not know exactly where I’m going but I will battle on and fight my way through the wonderful London transport systems onward to Heathrow Airport. 

Someone kick/punch/slap me. It just hasn’t hit me yet. 

Will it even hit me when I’m making that 9 hour journey? Worrying.


Interior-Freaking out.

*I really just referred to the journey on a bus as a rainbow..


5 weeks. Well…less than that.

Doesn’t seem to far away now, but still seems quite a while.

Shall be in the middle of enjoying a lovely break away to London with my favourite person. 

Lacking sleep. Unable to. 

Need him here.

LDR problems


  • Skype freezes
  • Skype loses connection
  • Skype has shitty connection
  • Skype just likes to create problems out of nowhere
  • Phone call drops
  • Interference with your phone call
  • Shitty phone call connection
  • Texts won’t go through 

Whyyyy?!?!?!?! I just want to talk to my girlfriend without constantly saying, “Huh? What? It froze. Lost connection. Call dropped.”